Employment First is the idea that all people with disabilities are capable of working at real jobs and building careers and deserve to be paid the same as everyone else. In other words, all people have abilities that are needed in the workforce.

At the same time, many employers and others may not have seen examples of people with disabilities carrying out certain jobs, and therefore can’t imagine that this is possible. Many people with disabilities attend adult day care centers or work at jobs involving repetitive tasks, paid at subminimum wages, and segregated from the general workforce.

Nonetheless, it has been demonstrated that all people with disabilities can thrive in the workforce, with the proper support. We at Employment First Georgia are committed to helping change conditions in Georgia so that all people are able to obtain meaningful work and pursue careers of their choice, including those with the most significant disabilities.


Employment First Georgia is a coalition of people with disabilities and their family members, service providers, and advocates. Employment First Georgia is supported by the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities and the Georgia Advocacy Office.


Employment First Georgia is currently advocating for statewide legislation that would make Georgia an Employment First state. This means that throughout Georgia’s social service system, meaningful employment would become a primary objective for all working-age Georgians with disabilities. More than 26 states have Employment First laws or policies.

At Employment First Georgia, we also offer resources such as information to help people with disabilities find meaningful jobs, and to help employers understand how to hire people with disabilities.

Finally, we offer information on state and national employment policies for people with disabilities, and stories about Georgians with disabilities who are enjoying success in the workforce.